SCAD Game Design

October 2, 2019 – November 13, 2019

Third-Person Wave Defense Sci-Fi Combat Game

Game made in Unreal Engine for SCAD Game Design. SCAD project called for completing a Game Design idea using Unreal Engine with a focus on holistic design principles.

This was a project completed in a group of four students. My role was to design the systems and blueprint tech; combat, movement, other character interactions/variables, enemy AI, and the base/wave defense mechanics. My three group members provided the concept art as well as character, environment, and prop art assets along with sounds and menus.


Defend a valuable metal storage silo in an extraplanetary mining base from waves of invading enemies. Shoot dangerous molten metal from a limited tank on your backpack. Mine for more molten metal to warm XC4V and resist XC4V’s operating temperature dropping to fatally cold levels.

XC4V Gameplay Video Showcase
XC4V Starting Area | Health and Temperature meters on XC4V’s backpack as a semiotic replacement for the simple health bar HUD.