Lo-fi Noire

July 2, 2020 - August 27, 2020
Game, Web

Work Overview:

Mystery RPG Adventure game featuring a detective’s investigation in a retro lo-fi city. The bulk of my work on this project consisted of gameplay programming. As Tech Lead, I set up a Perforce server which got the team on Source Control, I set up and organized bulk tech systems like clues and levels, and I set up and designed the website. Shown below is my work featured, but head over to the Lo-fi Noire website to see the entire game’s progress!

Check out the Lo-fi Noire site!

Lo-fi Noire – Reel of all current features in development

Detective Mode – Clues and their conditional Gameplay

Seamless Levels

Gameplay Introduction – Pass 1 (Test Edit)
Gameplay Introduction – Pass 2 (In-Game Initially)

Check out the Lo-fi Noire site!